Living in her car

Anderson: Living ‘high-class homeless’


Karen Robart is currently living in her 2012 Hyundai Elantra at Walmart. Her clothes hang from a pole in her back seat and her trunk is full of compartmentalized accessories. She sleeps by reclining her seat and her feet poke out of a blanket and rest by the accelerator. Too often she is tired. She tells few of her plight.

“Nobody knows that I’m homeless,” she says. “The only thing that saves me is my car. If I didn’t have my car I’d be walking the streets.”

Her trailer idea is limited by needing a place where she can park it and not be harassed by police or others.

Always remember to be very careful of fire. You need to be able to escape quickly should fire occur. Prevention is the best way to stay safe.


How one group is coping

There is a good write-up with lots of pictures at the Web site linked-to below:

AMERICA TODAY: Heartbreaking Pictures From New Jersey’s Homeless ‘Tent City’

The USA can be an incredibly cruel place to live. The “luck of the draw” is partially responsible for your lifestyle and so is individual effort. The complexity of life here prohibits my covering the many aspects that determines whether you live a luxurious life free from any financial worries or if you remain a mere commoner akin to a serf serving the masters who can lead their wonderful lives because of a huge mass of common folks eking out a living.

Do all you can to avoid homelessness since it can be very difficult to rise above that state once you are immersed in that condition. Circumstances vary greatly but if you do not have a social network or even one decent person willing to assist once you are down it could possibly be for the proverbial count. Doomed to a lifetime of marginal living despite your best efforts.


It Pays to be Paranoid


When you live within a country and society where profit is beloved and admired and consideration for humanity is, at best, a secondary consideration if you are homeless you must do your best to not be noticed by anybody.

Hopefully you have friends or family willing to let you live in their abode; whether it be a nice house or apartment or trailer or even a falling-down shanty where the cold winter winds require you to cover yourself with clothes and several blankets to fend off freezing in winter at least you have a place to store your possessions and to sleep in relative safety.

The USA is a BIG country with over 315-million people trying to get by while confronting an ongoing class war. Your family and social ties can be of many types. If you are lucky and belong to a group that assists its members be thankful. Some of you are akin to me… you have family but each individual is expected to be successful on their own and require no assistance for basic living requirements. I believe that is an aspect of the sub-culture my extended family was raised with… a “rugged individualism” planted within our psyche by society and those who control the propaganda we are immersed within our entire lives.

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USA: Sick society with too many sick people

There is crime and cruelty everywhere. Compared to other countries the USA has more, less or the similar crime rates. It depends which country chosen to compare with the USA.

The USA has 4 times as many murders as a percentage of the population compared to western Europe.

The homeless are easier targets than folks who can sleep behind locked doors and have a handy telephone to call for help and many folks have a firearm to defend themselves if an evil-doer tries to break into the home to do harm.

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Serve the Ruling Masters you Peon Scum

In the USA the masses of commoners labor relentlessly in an attempt to live a lifestyle that massive amounts of relentless propaganda tells them is the correct and proper way to be normal.

Following the path your indoctrination instructs you to follow may lead to financial success or maybe it will not. Whether you are a success as that term is defined by the typical American serf, the masses of powerless common folks who have been brainwashed from birth, is each individual’s determination.

The ruling elites of the USA want you to follow the path you have been instructed to follow has one overriding purpose… perform as the ruling masters want their serfs to do and those elites will be able to use their many systems to skim off a portion of the wealth each serf creates.

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Cost of a House / Home



The millennial generation, in fact, has been largely left out of the housing recovery, as investors quickly bought up distressed homes on the low end of the market, pushing overall prices higher and faster than expected. Prices usually lag sales in the housing market, but this recovery has turned history on its head. Sales are lagging prices, due to a lack of inventory of homes for sale.


That paragraph came from:   Home buyers want new, but won’t pay for it


My hovel is atop the cultural backwater of the Ozark Plateau where poverty is a part of life for a large percentage of the populace. When the Great Recession that was actually a depression for so many of us at the bottom of the social-economic pile was a time of immense wealth transference to those at the higher levels of the HUGE pyramid-shaped scam that is the USA.

As the depression continued I saw constant growth in the numbers of “for sale” signs in front of recently emptied houses.

Yes, houses. A house is not a home until people live inside the building.

I was one of the folks who bought a for-sale house during the depression. The owner was desperate and add the 10% rebate the federal government was offering to stimulate the economy resulted in a price so low I had the funds available to buy.

Many of these houses here in what some folks would label as the bad part of town sold in the $15,000 to $30,000 range. The same houses in some of the parts of California where I once lived would have likely been in the $180,000 to $280,000 range. Even in the bad part of town out there.

My own experience is that the commoner, the serf, the working-poor person will not earn much more per hour in wages in California as what they will receive here in an area known for low wages.

Now… onwards to what led me to creating this latest blog entry:

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You are a lazy loser

Yes, you must be a bum, a scum, a worthless nobody and perhaps a drug addict with a felonious heart ready to rob, rape and rampage throughout society if you are not one of the worthy people.

If you are not at least a millionaire or better you have proven yourself to be a failure and social Darwinism declares you are an abject failure. Perhaps worthy of dying and not being a burden upon your betters.

Even if you have “played by the rules” your entire life if you have not attained a position at the upper levels of the social-economic hierarchy that is proof to at least some folks that you are a failure, a loser, scum, filth or whatever word best describes what you are in the minds of too many wonderful folks in the USA.

However, some of those folks with those beliefs are the products of the most effective indoctrination systems ever created.

Consider the many folks crying out in anguish at those horrid working-class labor unions that combines the power of the group into a mutually beneficial whole.

Sure, there have been abuses and criminal conduct within some of the union’s ranks but was those negatives bad enough to negate the positives of folks working together for mutual benefit?

How about the other end of the spectrum… monolithic corporations amassing the power of a multitude of people with enormous wealth and often immense influence upon governments? How can an individual ever compete against THAT “union”?  Where is the constant demonizing of corporations by the propaganda machines as has been done with the unions?

Folks, class warfare is real. The evidence bombards us constantly. And the “hearts and minds” of the masses have been controlled by the few for their benefit since the beginning of time.

Technology has assisted the few in their ceaseless lust for power and wealth.

I do see a minute glimmer of possible change of thoughts and attitudes within a small but growing number of us commoners, the serfs of society, the dregs who have been indoctrinated for so long that if we do not achieve the lofty economic levels of the folks filling the ranks of the upper levels of the hierarchy we are losers.

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