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Alternative Living

Hello. Here is one of many Web sites, blogs and other entities existing to assist others facing homelessness. One site can not convey everything useful to those currently homeless, facing the possibility of a lack of dwelling place or planning ahead to be ready if homelessness confronts them.

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The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment

Disgruntled Old Coot

Source: The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment | Oath Keepers

“The official unemployment rate, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, is extremely misleading.” The bureaucrat and politician lackeys of the ruling overlords constantly lie to all of us in an attempt to hide what is an actual class war that We, the people are losing. Tyrants are spitting upon the 314-million or so common folks who were warned by the Founders of the danger of tyrants and what needs to be done when tyranny rears is hideously ugly head.

Prepare for Revolutionary War Two.

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Transformer Clothing

Transformer Clothing

What I refer to as “pure homelessness” is something to avoid in every way possible. Try your best to own a running vehicle that has enough room to sleep in and to store your basic possessions. A cargo van is great. But, if the worst happens and you have no place to stay other than a homeless shelter… if there is a shelter present and if there is room for you to stay, the item mentioned at the linked-to Web site may be useful,

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EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof)

EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof)

An EDAR is a four-wheeled unit, based on a cart design that provides security for belongings, privacy and protection from the elements. During the day, the EDAR is a compact portable unit with sturdy wheels and waterproof protection. The steering is maneuverable and there is a brake and locking mechanism which ensures the unit will not move on its own.

At night, the EDAR opens up easily into “night mode” and provides a comfortable sleeping unit. Unfolding the unit allows it to lock in place as the flat metal base extends. The metal base has a removable mattress and fire resistant cover, providing tent-like shelter. The unit is waterproof, windproof and helps protect from the elements. There is a window that provides light, ventilation and a view of the surrounding area. By refolding the unit into “day mode”, the EDAR quickly returns to its compact design and can be pushed around as a cart for use during the day.

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