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Alternative Living

Hello. Here is one of many Web sites, blogs and other entities existing to assist others facing homelessness. One site can not convey everything useful to those currently homeless, facing the possibility of a lack of dwelling place or planning ahead to be ready if homelessness confronts them.

Throughout this blog are warnings to use common sense and awareness of your own situation and to not rely upon my advice, information, tips & tricks etc. as your sole source of what and what not to do. Do that with everything you read about alternative living. Circumstances and situations vary too greatly across the USA to let a blog or Web site be your sole guide. Especially important is how laws and statutes exist in your area. You have to determine those yourself along with understanding the community standards of your area. Some places are more homeless-friendly than others.

I toss in my beliefs about why the USA has a homeless problem. It is one way I relieve anger. And anger I have in abundance as will be obvious as you read through the entries.

This is the “sticky page.” It always appears first. The rest of the entries are chronological with the newest entry appearing first and the first entry that started the blog coming last. Included with this “on top” entry is a list of links to what may be helpful sites. It is easier for me to add to those sites and to check them to see if the link still works by having it always at the top. To see the links click on the “continue reading” link to expand this entry.

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A changing USA. The tyrants are lording over the common folks.

Read the article and conclude what you will. My belief that the USA is in the throes of class warfare has me interpret it in my own way. I take pride in believing I have cast off some of the indoctrination all of us are exposed to our entire life within the USA. Indoctrinated to believe that as things are is how things are supposed to be.

Here, follow the link and read the article and compare it to your life experiences and what you have been exposed to via your schooling and the media and the many ways that the overlords tyrannizing the USA brainwash the masses to keep their huge scam operating.

How Los Angeles Is Becoming a ‘Third World’ City

No mention of the folks living in vehicles. If those people were counted who knows how much larger the numbers of homeless mentioned in the article would be.

Lots of Van Living Advice

Reddit to the rescue!!!


Live in your van, car or truck or want to? Need tips or help on making it work as you travel or just stay in one spot? Join us and learn or give help to others who do the same.

Do not believe everything you read. Laws vary across the country, within states and from town-to-town. Advice about using, installing etc. things such as propane stoves and heaters and similar stuff should be confirmed as being accurate since mistakes with using that stuff can cause fires or explosions and could cause injury or death. Verify everything you read by whatever method you can. Play it safe, folks.

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Technology and Homelessness


Hello humans. I can not assist you fine folks with the new-fangled portable electronic device stuff since I do not own a cell phone or any portable device. I will be forced to learn, however, when the van is my home and I rely upon a laptop-type computer to access the Web and need a cell phone to allow telephonic-type communications.

I did find a Web site that may be handy to assist folks in using portable devices to assist in overcoming the many hurdles facing homeless folks. Reddit.com is a site with many sub-sites that cover particular areas of interest. The helpful portion for devices is:  http://www.reddit.com/r/vagabond/

A digital community created by vagabonds, for vagabonds:
All are welcome: Hitchhikers, Trainhoppers, Backpackers, Rubbertramps, Squatters, Tramps, and other houseless travelers!
A digital home for sharing stories, pictures, tips, and advice about living life on the road!

A horde of topics are covered. As with all advice, suggestions, tips and tricks etc. use common sense and realize that the writer may not have a clue about the factuality and reality of what they write. Use common sense and/or check other sources to confirm that the advice you read is accurate.

Good luck, folks. The lying bastards of the media care more about keeping the class war going and brainwashing the masses of common folks that things are as they should be. The huge scam that is the USA continues. Those at the bottom of the economic pile know the negative effects of a country where immense power and wealth wielded by those commanding and controlling the USA operate in a manner to maximize the wealth flow to the top while spitting upon those at the lower levels of the socioeconomic hierarchy.

percent controlling assets

Maybe a serial story of near-homelessness

Hello people,  hoping that all is well with you and yours. There is a possibility that I will be selling my shanty and moving into my pick-up. If I do I will try to add happenings to this blog. I will have to get a laptop-type computer and figure out how to connect to the Web in a wireless manner. I am unsure what is going to happen.

Life is short and being even partly miserable makes no sense. Do something, anything, if possible, to maximize happiness. To attain that state of being requires moving away from the place I am now.

I was approached by a fellow asking for a hand-out claiming homelessness. His approach showed his mental state was lucid and his stated reason for bing homeless made sense. So, I asked if he wanted to join me for lunch at the Subway sandwich joint in the strip mall where I was parked. I heard an enthusiastic “Sure!!!” so off we went. We shot the shit while eating. Mostly about his predicament but that makes sense since his recent downturn surely overwhelmed his thoughts. Lunch was done and time to go. I handed the guy $5 and told him when better times come to help the next guy. Then, since he declared he had slept in a nearby wooded area in piled-up leaves to assist in keeping warm we went to my truck where I had three large thick 55-gallon plastic bags that could be used to shed rain and wind. Then we went our ways.

Just a tale. It is a true one. Placed here for no particular reason other than this blog being based upon dealing with homelessness. Something to think of… what goes around sometimes comes around. Then, also, sometimes it doesn’t. Oh well.

For you religious folks; I read a tale years ago and unsure of its source but it is interesting. Well, it is to me. Supposedly, at times, God sends angels to Earth in the guise of humans. Those angels interact with humans in various way to observe those mortals. If true, if such a thing really happens… how have you interacted with folks new to you?

Homeless in a public place

Living on a sidewalk, in an alley or in a park where you are exposed to the weather and dangerous people must be avoided. You are also more apt to be bothered by police than in a more concealed place. In New York City some folks are using the large airports as a place to sleep, stay warm, clean themselves in the restrooms, beg for money and have food at hand if begging is effective. However, there is no place to store possessions other than what you can carry with you. Other negatives abound but it is likely safer at an airport than on the streets.

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