A country that boasts of “Christian Values.”

Another post warning of the need to be discreet when living a homeless life.

Try to be invisible to everybody. Whether living in a vehicle, a tent, a cardboard box, a friend’s garage or shed in their back yard or wherever you are living outside the narrow norm allowed by the USA ruling masters, their army of lackeys or most of the brainwashed masses of common folks.

Here is the latest applicable news story prompting me to add this newest entry to this blog:



The 1% wants to ban sleeping in cars – because it hurts their ‘quality of life’


To assist in making the well-written informative article available for reading and disseminating the article along with the fear that the original posting may disappear for whatever reason I have taken the liberty to post the entire article below.

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A Kind Deed

Rising up from homelessness can be very difficult for many reasons.

Some homeless folks are mentally ill. Some do not possess the skills to obtain a decent job.

A lack of a place to store clothing presentable for work or a lack of transportation cause difficulties.

And then there is the lack of available jobs in many areas but the ruling masters of the USA with ample wealth and even if they lost that wealth those folks at the higher social-economic levels are more likely to have support systems to rely upon.

The situations the homeless are existing within are varied so no blanket statement can be used to describe all homeless folks.

However, many non-homeless folks easily spew their beliefs about their views of the homeless.  Lazy. Lack of morals. Should have done this or that. So many declarations that likely apply to some homeless but those spitting those beliefs are showing their own attitudes towards those down on their luck.

A video is making the rounds upon various media outlets that is revealing of the difference among homeless folks.

Observe how the guy receiving $1,000 acts after receiving the gift.  He wants to share it with the guy who gave him the ticket the homeless guy thought was a real lottery ticket, not knowing that the ticket-giver funded the fake winnings.

The guy giving the gift had his own reason(s) for doing the deed. Whether one or more of the reasons was for the giver’s personal gain does not matter. A nice deed was performed that day. Likely not a life-altering event but those dollars will assuredly benefit the homeless guy far more than some high-level elite scum sending jobs out of the USA and amassing mega-millions of  dollars for doing so.


Danger Everywhere

Bad luck can strike anybody. Even the USA president with a bevy of well-trained well-armed personnel can be attacked as history shows.

Even wealthy folks living in their electronically protected mansions in the nicest parts of town are in danger though the poor folks in the bad parts of town are in more danger.

There is no safety anywhere if bad luck comes your way. Prudent people do take reasonable precautions. A lot of potential dangers can be avoided by avoiding those prone to anti-social acts. Avoid those who use any drug to excess, especially alcohol. Alcohol, the toxin, the poison that has caused more personal and social harm than any other drug. Even heroin lags behind the harm alcohol has and continues to cause all of us.

Some drugs are to be shunned totally. That includes the people who use those drugs. Methamphetamine often referred to as meth or crank or other slang terms is a horror and that foul crap attract scummy fiendish freaks. Stay far away from the idiots shoving poison into their bodies. That crap is for losers and just because you are homeless or near-homeless does not mean YOU are a loser. NOPE!!  No way.  You are a high-class person who just happens to be in a state many good, decent folks throughout history have found themselves.



Bless you, Chris Noel



Chris Noel. Have you ever heard of her? If you are old enough you may recall her efforts to assist others; something she continues to do today.

Part of a well-written biography appears below. Please follow the link to read all of it:


Chris Noel   Biography



A tour of a VA hospital in 1965 altered her destiny, forever. Based on her minor pin-up celebrity, Chris impulsively auditioned for the Armed Forces Network (AFN) and started hosting her own radio show for the GIs in Vietnam, frequently flying to that war-torn country and visiting remote areas considered too risky for Bob Hope’s USO shows. She became the GIs’ favorite sexy radio and show personality while putting her own life on the line. As it turned out, Vietnam veterans would become her prime mission and life’s work long after the war. In the 1970s, Chris began to suffer from postwar trauma. Any attempt to resurrect her Hollywood career in the 1970s and 1980s would be short-lived due to her stress, ill health and depression. Moreover, her first husband, a Green Beret captain (they married in Vietnam) suffering from the same postwar syndrome as Chris, killed himself during the Christmas holiday season of 1969. Chris’ two subsequent marriages also ended in divorce. Persevering, she ventured into the operation of shelters for veterans in Florida during the 1990s, becoming a durable symbol for those who fought the unpopular fight. Chris Noel–a remarkable, courageous lady who could have just rested on her laurels as another beautiful Hollywood face, but didn’t. She deserves to be remembered better than she is.




The Economy is Improving!! ??

So much of what the local and mass media throw at We, the People is propaganda.  Often lies to appease the masses.  It is easier to control you if you ar led to believe that all your economic woes are your fault, due to a lack on your part.

Maybe that is true in some cases.  You have to look inside yourself to determine if a lack of something on your part keeps you from obtaining enough income to keep you from homelessness.

I often read about this and that improving… more jobs… more personal income… statistics, data and other evidence that the USA is again on the path to a bright future full of prosperity for all.

Yeah, right.  And that is supposed to happen in a country ruled by an elite class and many entrenched power structures and systems ensuring those elite remain in control?

Here is some local news offering an indication that things may not be so wonderful.  And while reading the article remind yourself of the immense burden of being homeless with children imposes upon a caring parent.

I shunned having kids for my own reasons and decades later have no regrets for not spawning.  Life as a homeless person is so much easier when no kids are involved.


Number of homeless students in Springfield increasing


A vehicle is better than a tent

Homeless men forced out of their camp are searching for a new place to stay safe and warm tonight. The camp that was demolished Tuesday was hidden in the brush alongside Jordan Creek. Springfield Police say they got a complaint and asked the men to immediately move out their things and gave them citations for trespassing.



Would a society more tolerant of those without a traditional home at least allow those folks to leave their camping spot and not burden them with a citation and the troubles and possible expense that comes with that burden?


John Jenkins says he has lived in the makeshift home since September. He says he’s been homeless for a couple years. “I was in the Joplin tornado. I lost everything,” Jenkins says.

He and his friend Jerry Burrow stayed in their camp even on the coldest of nights. “Insulation, three layers of tarp, candles. Candles is the best thing,” Jenkins says.

But today, while keeping warm at a day shelter, they heard their camp was in trouble. Police called in public works crews to demolish the camp.

“Gave us a ticket; you got ten minutes to get out. Luckily, the city truck broke down, so it’s been 20 minutes,” said Jenkins.



In other posts I have mentioned that it is usually best to avoid homeless shelters.  The two homeless guys forced to move on mention that when interviewed by the local TV station:



Now, they search for a new place to sleep and keep everything they own. “We’ll get what we need; sleeping bag, a backpack, personal paperwork, and tonight, stash it somewhere, which would be illegal too. We don’t know right now,” says Jenkins.

They’ll likely have to go to a cold weather shelter for the night, something these men prefer to avoid. “The drunks, the drug addicts, it’s just terrible,” Jenkins says.



With so many mentally ill homeless folks along with those addicted to various substances and the anti-social, uncivil behaviors that tend to exist among those people being homeless can be especially rough on the people who are civil, well-behaved and just generally decent, good folks.

If you ever are forced into homelessness always do your best to maintain a decent appearance and shun the troublemakers of the world.  Life is hard enough just by not having a home that allows you to be a part of “regular” society.

And do your best to ensure you own a reliable vehicle that allows enough room to live inside.  A van is good.

And never forget that just being homeless can make you less than human for so many people.  And the enforcement arms of society can be cruel.  Just doing their jobs, you know.  A great excuse for those confronting those down on their luck; even those folks are good, decent folks who are now law breakers for not having the resources that wealthy folks possess.

Good luck.  Life can be very cruel in the USA.  More so than many people realize… even people living inside the USA.

Below is the link to the entire story and a video of the event:


Homeless camp demolished in city of Springfield



The link below is to the local newspaper’s Web site that has a picture slide show of the incident:


Homeless camps evacuated





Helpful Web Page

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless

Here are the sub-headings.  The article is written in reverse order starting with reason 7 then working to number 1:

#7. It Doesn’t Take Much to Wind Up Homeless

#6. Having a Job Won’t Save You

#5. Government Benefits Aren’t as Much Help as You Think

#4. Shelters Are a Band-Aid

#3. Your Free Time Becomes Your Enemy

#2. Your Biggest Asset Is Your Charm

#1. Most Homeless Are Young, and They’re Only Homeless for a Couple of Months



Situations and circumstances vary greatly.  You may have friends and/or family who will gladly open their doors to you so you are not really homeless.  But you may be akin to me… I am on my own.  If I lose my shanty the truck will be my home.  I hope to replace it with a long-whee-base cargo van since that will make a much better home on wheels than the truck with its camper shell.

Prepare ahead of time, folks.  Try to have some money stashed away to assist with keeping your stomach and gas tank full.

Have a reliable vehicle you can live in.  Have suitable clothing and bedding to fend off the cold.  Toiletries and something to carry them in for visiting places where you can clean up.  A small back-pack book-bah thing college kids often carry can work well.

Be prepared, folks.  Do what needs doing before homelessness hits!!!  Being ready for that can also assist if other negatives strike.  What if a natural disaster requires evacuation?  What if social turmoil strikes?  Will the masses of common folks ever rise up and wage class warfare back at the elites and their lackeys who have waged class war against the masses of common folks for so long?

Maybe the unholy alliance between BIG government and BIG business will lead to insurrection.  Maybe you will assist the cause you believe to be worthy of assisting or decide to shun the trouble and evacuate to a place that offers safety.  Having a reliable vehicle and the goods to assist comfortable survival is a good thing to have.






You are to blame…

If you are not an economic success only YOU are at fault.  So says so many of the Americans who have amassed immense wealth.

And the relentless propaganda we are smothered with conveys that message.

Maybe it IS your fault you have become homeless or on the edge of economic calamity that leads to not having the money to pay for a dwelling, whatever it may be.

Some places you can afford to live are terrible places to dwell due to crime, no jobs available, gang activity… those things that if they were to appear where the special, privileged folks lived, where the wealthy folks rein supreme, law enforcement and the legal system would ensure that blight upon civil society was removed.

Do not expect that same action for you commoners who exist to serve the ruling class.

Hey!!! That is the American Way!!!  Use people for your personal gain.  And allow just enough wealth to reach the commoners… that is you and everybody you know… me too, to fend off insurrection.

If the threat of civil and social turmoil did not exist I believe there would be no welfare or food stamps or other methods to allow a minimal amount of wealth to not reach the greedy grasping claws of the elites.  No need to share!!!  Not if the masses would remain complacent serfs of their masters.



Knowledge is necessary to cope with homelessness

As stated in other posts much of this blog is geared towards preparing folks for future homelessness.

I highly recommend buying and owning a vehicle that you can live in if the worst happens.

Earlier posts and future ones give advice about preparing a vehicle for living within.

Once you have a vehicle that you can live in the next step is to determine where to live.

Each of you will have your own circumstances so my advice must be broad-reaching leaving it up to YOU to make the decisions best for YOU!!!

Do NOT rely upon my advice to replace your own judgment and YOUR knowledge of the circumstances you are immersed within.

I general… winters can be rough putting up with when in a vehicle. I prefer cargo vans for vehicle living so I will use “van” when referring to living in any vehicle.




I recommend living in an area where the winter cold is not a danger to life. Thus, the further south you are the better, mostly.

The west coast along the Pacific Ocean has a gentler climate compared to the inland areas away from the ocean.


Little and not-so little bundles of joy

Hello, welcome back or welcome if this is your first visit.

I hope all is well with you and yours but if all isn’t well I hope things get better.

Hang in there, “For this, too, shall surely pass.”

Well, as long as it’s not a doctor telling you that “it IS a tumor” growing in your brain and your lifetime is coming to an end.

On that bright note I want to clarify the mind-set behind this blog.

1.  I believe the USA is in a state of class war

2.  I know the common folks of the USA are losing that war

3.  I believe in preparing now for possible future homelessness

4.  I highly advise owning a vehicle that you can live in

5.  Also advised is owning a vehicle that eases the in-vehicle living

6.  I am aware that the possible scenarios for you folks are incredibly varied so I must offer advise in broad generalities

7.  I have lived in a vehicle myself

8.  I lived solo. Nobody else to contend with

9.  I insist that YOU understand that the advice, opinions and other stuff in this blog is personal opinion and that YOU have to THINK… understand the situation YOU face and to do what is legal and best for YOU.  I can not think for you. That is YOUR duty

10. The audience I write to are what I consider to be decent, moral folks. NOT a bunch of lazy bums seeking undeserved hand-outs. Decent folks, the type you would be glad to have move into the house next door to you.  Classy folks.